About Us

About Us

Team house connect India does the Promotions of all the launch and pre-launches carried out by the top notch builders who are RERA registered and provide the quality homes in the market with competitive pricing. We as a Team house connect India help our clients to get the best possible deal in luxury segment plus affordable housing a smart move taken by government of Maharashtra.


Relationship and trust is the foundation of our growth. With this foundation, We not only promote the homes for different builders, we create the awareness for the approved projects and provide the complete solution for our clients who are looking to invest their lifetime hard earned money.


Promoting quality housing for the masses at affordable values. We at HCI promote only the top-notch builders who provide the best quality homes wherein our clients will get the satisfaction for what s/he invested is the best in the market.


In carrying out our Mission, we will act with integrity, honesty, trust & respect.

For our Employees

To provide them with an environment in which every individual learns, grows and prospers.

For our customers

To offer them the best housing options available in the market with competitive pricing and outstanding service that makes our every customer smile.

House Connect India Financial Services

We understand the pain of not securing the required financing to get your dream home. The pain of losing out on a wonderful future with your family can be heartbreaking. We understand your troubles and hence are here for you as home loan consultant in Mumbai. We have partnerships with major housing financial services which can provide you quick financial with minimum hassles and at the best rates. Our home loan advisors in Mumbai shall guide you through the entire process to make it as easy as possible and we will ensure that you can get your dream home without having to sacrifice on anything.

For Our NRI Comrades

We have immense love and respect for our NRI brothers and sisters who are working hard abroad for their family and loved ones and we wish to make it easier for them to buy property in India for when they plan to come back home to serve their country and be with their family. Through our pan-India support network, we help NRIs buy new property, sell existing property, lease the property, and manage their properties for them so that they have one less thing to worry about

We Are People First

HCI Events and Promotions is an equal opportunity employee and we do not discriminate anyone on the basis of their caste, creed, religion, race, colour, gender, or disabilities. Every individual who is talented and seeking out opportunities in the real estate space are welcome. We promise to provide them a challenging and comfortable working atmosphere so that they can deliver the best results and grow their career graph substantially.