Marketing Partner Services

HCI brings its exclusive Marketing partner services for the realtors as well as their customers. HCI acts as the property advisor in Mumbai for the customer by providing them information about the ongoing as well as completed projects and manages every aspect of the customer journey such as site visits, documentation, financing, etc. Our specialist real estate consultants in Mumbai help the customers reach out to the realtors and vice versa, thus resulting in substantial benefits for both the parties. Being the real estate channel partner in Mumbai, HCI manages accounts of some of the prominent names in the industry.

Our Marketing Services

HCI ensures every aspect of the realty market is satisfied for the realtors as well as the customers through its various marketing channels. HCI executes new innovative techniques and modern marketing strategy to achieve substantial growth rate and yet provide unmatched customer service for the best house buying and selling experience.

Bulk/Volume Selling Through Mandates

HCI provides mandate based selling for property for its realtor clients. This service extends to both completed projects as well as under-construction projects. Mandate based bulk selling enables realtors to sell substantial inventory in quick amount of time and thus keep overheads at the lowest possible rate.

Benefits to Realty Companies

As a top property consultant in Mumbai, our services help realtors realize substantial benefits such as:

  • Lower marketing and promotional costs

  • True transparency in lead generation and customer outreach
  • Zero initial investment for the realtor owing to pay-as-you-go business model

Benefits to Buyers/Customers

As property advisors in Mumbai, customers benefit highly from our services which include:

  • Guidance to the customer throughout the buyer journey ranging from advising options, site visits, documentation, financing, etc.
  • Wide range of options from the top and prominent realtors across Mumbai.
  • Zero hassles of documentation and cent percent due diligence.