HCI Buyer Services

We understand the pain that is involved when it comes to purchasing real estate in Mumbai. It is your hard earned money that is on the line, and you expect something exquisite with it and do not plan on settling for something simple. HCI wishes to make the process to buy property in India simple by providing end-to-end services which includes:

  • House hunting
  • Visitations
  • Financial assistance
  • Legal checks
  • Booking

HCI has partnerships with the prominent realtors in Mumbai and hence ensures that buyers always receive the best. All properties promoted by HCI are RERA registered to ensure utmost transparency between the buyers and the realtors.

Renting and Reselling

HCI assists customers with their current properties in managing them, as well as for the renting and reselling of the properties in Mumbai. For customers who are residing in faraway cities, as well as abroad can make use of the services in case they wish to sell their current unused properties, or rent out the properties to trusted families.

Bulk/Volume Selling Through Mandates

HCI provides mandate based selling for property for its realtor clients. This service extends to both completed projects as well as under-construction projects. Mandate based bulk selling enables realtors to sell substantial inventory in quick amount of time and thus keep overheads at the lowest possible rate.

Benefits to Realty Companies

As a top property consultant in Mumbai, our services help realtors realize substantial benefits such as:

  • Lower marketing and promotional costs

  • True transparency in lead generation and customer outreach
  • Zero initial investment for the realtor owing to pay-as-you-go business model

Benefits to Buyers/Customers

As property advisors in Mumbai, customers benefit highly from our services which include:

  • Guidance to the customer throughout the buyer journey ranging from advising options, site visits, documentation, financing, etc.
  • Wide range of options from the top and prominent realtors across Mumbai.
  • Zero hassles of documentation and cent percent due diligence.